About Tattoo Convention


The convention promises a powerful platform for tattoo artists from India and across the globe, with a perfect blend of electrifying music and energetic audience. India International Tattoo Convention, showcasing the latest trends, fashion and techniques in the tattoo art. Seminars and training as well as demonstrations, plus lots of music, get together, parties, food and fun for the entire tattoo participants and tattoo families.
There we meet artists whether a Celebrity Tattoo Artist, Famous Tattoo Artist, Professional Tattoo Artist, New Tattoo Artist, Visitor Tattoo Artist, College Student, Employee, Businessman, Bodybuilder, Sportsperson male or female whoever you are have fun and experience a new world of Tattoo Craze.

Historically, tattooing was the art of a craftsman but today it has evolved beyond a craft to a carefully illustrated unique art form. Tattooing is surviving --and thriving --due to its secretive tradition and our need to stand out as an individual. It gives us strength --and most importantly the reminder we are free. Additionally, we encourage the support of other craftsmen and artisans who still work with their hands to keep nostalgia alive, from sign-painting to silk-screening and letter-press. We embrace the modern world, but never lose the craft and emotional connection to the blood, sweat and tears produced by our human hands.