you as the customer have right as well as responsibilities. You have the right to have a great tattoo. You have the responsibility to ensure that you are getting tattooed in a safe, and sanitary environment, by a professional tattoo artist.

Before your tattoo session, eat a good meal for body strength and endurance. No alcohol for at least 12 hours prior.

Once you are in the caring arms of a professional tattoo artist, you will need to express exactly what you are thinking for your new tattooed piece of art. Let them know what your design idea is, what is means to you, where you want it, and ask your artist what they think about it. Some artist prefer a consultation prior to your appointment. Some projects require a lot more thought, research and drawing time to prepare for your appointment. If for any reason you cannot make your appointment with your artist, you must call at least 4 hours ahead to reschedule. This show to respect will be greatly appreciated by your artist. This is how they plan their day and how they make their living.

During your session make sure you sit quiet and very still. It is difficult for the artist to do their best job on a moving target. If you need a break just let the artist know. Relax, although this may be your first tattoo, your artist has illustrated many, they are professional and will take good care of you. They are trained in first aid. The artist make conversation when it is okay for them to talk.